Welcome to the channel of matchmaking company PRIME - https://prime-match.com/, where 2-3 times per week we discuss an important issues of international dating, matchmaking, relationships and marriages with the beautiful Ukrainian ladies, Ukrainian brides and single Russian brides who often foreigners consider the same cultures and similar people .

In this video we talk about maintaining long-distance relationships and making them flourish however living in different countries and even in different time
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-zones sometimes.

Still experience of many American men married Ukrainian women show that it is very possible to find love in Ukraine, to support these relationships for a while on distance and finally move to happy marriage. If you want something really from the depth of your heart and you love this person, long-distance is not a problem.

Ukraine girl as probably any other girl in the world loves care and attention, and if you really care of her feelings, stay in touch with her all the time, still keeping the healthy balance.

So there are important steps you should follow in a long-distance relationship:

1) Keep everyday communication

2) Live your own life too at the same time, do not go into dependent relationships

3) Find the ways of doing some things together

4) Be patient while misunderstanding, that may often happen in international couple

5) Give her much of your attention, surprises and gifts sometimes

6) Use every opportunity to meet each other, in person, face to face and spend as much time this way as you can

Ukraine women dating a foreign men are often very giving, caring, faithful and ready to wait for centuries, if there is a real love. But as you understand only real meetings, real interactions can make you move to more serious stage of your relationships.

If you have every experienced dating a Ukrainian woman and long-distance relationships, please, share with us. What was the result of them? How did you overcome the distance? How did you overcome the misunderstanding if it happened?

Meanwhile we are in Prime matchmaking company and our CEO Elena Vygnanyuk are always here for you to be your faithful and honest partner, friend while looking for and building relationships with your Ukrainian BEST one!
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Hello my dear followers!

Always during my consultations I askclients about the time when they parted with their last girlfriend or wife, because it is critically important
for chances to be able to build new relationships. So today we go to the topic
of time necessary for recovering after your last unsuccessful relationships or
marriage. What should happen during that time so that you would be ready for
new fresh feelings towards the other lady.

Write your comments to let me knowif this information was useful for you and may be helped you to some degree.
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ou want to know more.

Our hearts and hopes are more often broken than cars. Therefore, it isnot surprising that many of us would prefer to see a broken car than a
broken-down heart.

When we feel a deep loss or trauma, we can literally feel that ourhearts are broken into millions of pieces. We may also believe that our heart
is wounded and bleeding metaphorically. Sometimes it is even difficult to
breathe because of this feeling.

After the initial shock of loss, many people feel the need to step backfrom their sadness, so that it does not crush them with its intensity. This is
understandable, but the longer you avoid pain and try to push it away, the more
difficult it will be for you to break out of spiritual paralysis and the pain
will constantly return after you have driven it away. If we talk about gestalt
approach in psychology, it also recommends to take time and get into all the feelings
that you have at the moment, to feel them till the end, not to avoid them and
go through them to the fullest.

Sometimes in the initial stage of sorrow, people simply live with theirpain and sadness, without noticing it, as if they are sitting on the river’s
bank, watching these heavy feelings go with the flow. At this moment, many of
them ask: “Why is this happening to me?”

Although it seems impossible at first sight, it is necessary to use thisexperience to understand yourself, study and continue growing as a result of
this pain, in order to heal a broken heart. One of the famous poets in his poem
said: “When your heart breaks are open, make a journey deep inside yourself.”
So, if you’re going to be virile, and make this journey.
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